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Empowering retreats, programs and classes, that’ll shift your outlook on work and life

Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking and living

Gain profound insights, new tools, and clarification around your key life questions, in an interactive, group setting.

Led by our Certified Life Balance Strategists and centered on our most widely-practiced principles and protocols, you’ll leave with a renewed sense of self, an understanding of what’s most important to you, and how to stay on course no matter what comes your way.

I was surprised by the intensity of the program and the speed with which I was able to identify and commit to profound life changes.

Kristi Perry

Changes & Transitions Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself…?

  • Why can’t I take the leap and make that all-important decision?

  • Is there more meaning and fulfillment to be found in my work and home life?

  • How do I stay present, in an increasingly distracting and noisy world?

  • What steps can I take to recenter after a major life change?

  • How do I achieve life balance and harmony, day after day?

If you nodded along, attending one of our workshops will help you find the answers within yourself.

workshops & events

Join us in-person or virtually, with an open mind and heart. Leave with new discoveries, insights and reflections that can be channeled immediately into your everyday life.

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Our Signature Workshops

Changes & Transitions Workshop

Learn skills and strategies to respond to life’s twists, turns and developmental transitions.  Whether you’re considering a big change, are in the midst of one, or are still feeling the effects of a past change, this workshop offers the opportunity to gain understanding of your personal challenges and equip you with the tools for the next phase of your journey.

Skillful Living

Available as 1-day and weekend workshops, this program helps you learn and apply mindfulness to your daily life. Rediscover your authentic self, gain more clarity, and develop practices that keep you grounded in the present and tuning into your core desires.

Sustainable Leadership

Calling all leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. How well are you really managing yourself and your team? Our program explores the imbalances that are at play in the workplace and how to tip the scale from stress-induced burnout to an aligned model that fosters personal and professional growth.

Sessions in your words

“The LBI team took care to meet each person where they were and provide the foundation, tools, space, and encouragement to move toward awareness and clarity around the changes we were facing.”

Jill Hodges

Changes & Transitions Workshop

“I attended at a time of incredible personal upheaval: divorce, career change, and family illness. The workshop helped reveal what was already within me and accelerated my journey towards my best self.”

Glen Hunt

Changes & Transitions Workshop

“I came away with a greater understanding, awareness and respect for my own change process and the importance of transitions as we grow and evolve.”

Deb Wetherby

Changes & Transitions Workshop

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