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The deadline is February 10, 2023

Be part of the Life Balance legacy

If you’ve been to one of our workshops. Or worked with us one-on-one. You already know.

You know what it’s like to feel that powerful, internal shift. To have a clear view of the direction you’re headed in and the through-line that provides you with agency and wholeness.

Imagine what it would feel like to pass that sense of empowerment on to someone else? To make a real meaningful difference to someone’s life?

Our Life Balance Strategist Training Program teaches you how.

I didn’t anticipate how transformative the process would be for my own life and coming into my own empowerment at a whole other level.



Is the training right for you?

Our program is a commitment to learning and living the Life Balance and Change & Transition protocols and sharing them with others through your work. Whether you’re a meditation teacher, lawyer, organizational leader, or veteran (all represented backgrounds within our community of Strategists!), there’s opportunity for growth for both you personally and professionally. 

The program runs for 18 months with both in-person and online retreats. There’s a limited number of spaces (24) available to preserve the intimacy of the cohort.

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We welcome applications from anyone who: 

Yearns to contribute to our world and society in a more meaningful way

Wants to enrich and broaden their existing profession

Is looking for a new career path and wants to become a Life Balance Strategist, offering one-to-one strategy sessions and group programs

Wishes to make Life Balance Strategy work the focus of their professional life

Has attended a Change & Transitions workshop in the past
(or plans to by June 2023)

You’ll learn

How to deliver 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Help your clients clarify life questions, sort and assess their realistic possibilities, identify or refine their core values, and guide them on their journey to well-being complete with a strategic plan.

To lead our workshops & group programs

Present our time-tested curriculum and assessments in a group setting, offering tools and perspectives that make a real difference in your students’ sense of well-being.

Profound personal development

While the work is centered on tools and teachings to help others, one of the foundational principles of learning this modality is that you must understand each teaching in your own life before sharing it in a meaningful way with others.

Greater sense of fulfillment

The opportunity to help change a life in a positive way as you guide others on their path to well-being. Not forgetting being an integral part of an engaged, caring community of Strategists. 

Marketing & instant client referrals

All certified Life Balance Strategists are promoted within our network. You’ll receive a dedicated page on our website and will be matched with potential clients from the time you receive certification. 

The training includes:


The program consists of five 5-day retreats (3 in-person in California and 2 online), that are planned over the course of 18 months. Each retreat deepens your skill and wisdom in relation to your own life, helping you fully explore and understand how to do Life Balance work with others.


In between the training retreats, you’ll be sent homework assignments and participate in live, online teaching sessions to deepen your understanding of the principles, protocols and processes. The homework tasks range from reading assignments to writing reflection exercises, and working with clients (after the first training retreat).


Take part in group mentoring meetings with our Founder and Lead Strategist, Phillip Moffitt, and Director of Trainings, Jennifer Ward. Get advice on working with clients as well as your own identified personal work.

You will also have an individual mentor who will do Strategy Sessions with you to explore your own Life Balance/Change & Transition questions. 

Our strategists (and past trainees!) say:

“I was looking for tools and wisdom to supplement my own experience as an executive and executive coach. I wasn’t disappointed!I learned new techniques that have proven extremely helpful in enabling my clients, team, family, and myself to better navigate changes and transitions of all kinds.”

John Watts, Jr.

CEO & Strategist

“After 30 years of practicing as a psychotherapist, I realized this work was no longer a good fit. Beyond the deep satisfaction I now feel in doing Change & Transition Strategy work, what I had not anticipated were the many ways in which this training and its expansive exploration into the nature of change would change me.”

Alison Teal

Psychotherapist & Strategist

“It’s given me a new lens through which I can understand and confront the suffering of my clients going through difficult life changes. Clients immediately connect with the protocols because they make deep intuitive sense, and use them to sort, clarify and make powerful choices for the next stage of their lives.

Sarah Armstrong

Attorney & Strategist

“I took the Change & Transition Strategist training with 7+ years’ experience as a client, having used the work to transform my life. I learned the distinctions and methodologies that enable the strategist to be an advocate for the client, giving the client tools and guidance for producing the changes they desire in their life. I use this knowledge in my work with private company owners to provide more robust help, including challenging personal situations that arise.”

Stan Leopard

CEO and Strategist, Joseki

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At a glance: Our curriculum

No matter how you apply the knowledge and practices, this training will take you on a deep journey of personal development and build on your professional skills. 

Training topics include:

Life Balance assessments

Learn how to use our diagnostic tools to support your clients in gaining clarity about their lives and what’s most important to them.

Deep listening

Learn our two signature listening techniques that form the foundation for everything we do in this work.

A map for understanding change

Learn how to use “The Journey through Change” map and gain a deep understanding of the process of change.

Creative learning

Symbols and archetypes that illustrate the practical tasks we all must undertake to continue our development and lead effective, satisfying, and meaningful lives.


Use our proprietary protocols to help your clients cut through their confusion, fear, and doubts and empower them to take next steps on their journeys through change.

Identifying patterns

Personality typing models for understanding the tendencies that all of us have that influence our thinking and behavior

Mindfulness tools

Learn practices that help you and your clients disengage from unskillful habits of mind and become more responsive and intuitive.


When’s the next training program?
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The next training program will start in September of 2023. We will open the application process in early September 2022.

Who are the faculty for the training?
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Phillip Moffitt is the lead teacher of all the 2023 – 2025 training retreats. Jennifer Ward, who is Phillip’s longtime colleague at Life Balance Institute and a Certified Strategist since 2018, is co-teacher. They will be joined by a few assistant teachers (all Certified Strategists) who will teach selected training modules.

How many participants will there be in the training?
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We plan to admit a maximum of 24 participants to the training. This small size allows for plenty of personalized attention from the faculty and for the group to form close bonds with each other.

Where do the retreats take place?
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There are 2 online retreats and 3 in-person retreats that take place in California.

What’s the schedule for the upcoming retreats?
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Our 2023-25 program includes the following retreats:

  • September 11 – 16, 2023 (in-person)

  • January 23 – 27, 2024 (online)

  • May 14 – 18, 2024 (in-person)

  • September 17 – 21, 2024 (online)

  • January 28 – February 1, 2025 (in-person)

How much does the training cost?
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The tuition for the training program is on a sliding scale of $13,000 to $16,500. Any amount paid above the base tuition of $13,000 is considered a tax-deductible donation to our non-profit organization and goes directly to fund programs.

Do you offer scholarships?
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We are offering two partial tuition scholarships based on financial need.

What is the cost of room and board for in-person retreats?
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The typical cost of a five day retreat at a residential retreat center is about $1,200 based on double occupancy.

Do you have payment plans?
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You may pay your tuition fee in quarterly installments.

When can I start working with clients?
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You begin to work with clients immediately after the first training retreat. During the first retreat, you learn the foundational principles and techniques of Change & Transition Strategy consulting. You also do practice sessions with your colleagues during the training retreat, to build confidence in your new-found wisdom. 

What is the homework in between retreats?
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You will have homework to prepare in advance of each training retreat that consists of reading assignments and writing reflection exercises. In between each retreat, there is one small group video conference meeting for which you will need to do homework. Immediately following the first retreat, your assignment is to find and start working with practice clients. You will continue to work with clients throughout the training program. After the fourth training retreat, you begin to teach small groups.

When is the deadline for scholarships applications?
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The deadline for scholarship applications is November 4, 2022.
You can find the online application here.

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