1:1 Strategy Sessions

Guiding you through the movement of change and the stillness of Life Balance

Reflect. Rebalance. Revitalize.

Your inner voice. Your gut feeling. Or as we like to call it, your intuitive knowing.

What is it telling you, right now?

Maybe it’s quietly questioning how you got to this point, so far removed from where you’d set out to be. Or loudly pressuring you to make a life-altering decision, yet fearful of what comes next.

However it’s presenting itself, it’s calling for change.

Our sessions help you tune in, clarify and expand your core life questions - creating a renewed sense of purpose, wholeness, and authenticity, as you forge your new path.

I can now cut through the clutter and get directly to the core issues in my life; seeing them clearly and then setting goals and timelines.

Alexandra Morehouse

Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health

Let’s embark on an exploration

No matter where you’re starting, we’ll walk the path to well-being together.

Whether you’re navigating a major life change (like a new career/city/relationship) or seeking greater meaning and fulfillment, we listen, explore the possibilities, and give you the tools to empower you to lead a life in balance.

The pillars of your journey include:

Exploring your presenting question & possibilities

Unlike other methods (say, therapy or life coaching), our process of deep inquiry is not to unpack the story of our lives. Instead, we clarify and look at how we are relating to life here and now. We then identify all the realistic possibilities that are there for the taking. Giving you back the possibility of agency over the direction of your life.

Refining what really matters

Our process explores all of you, the external parts you present outwardly to the world and the internal parts that are (often unknowingly) driving your decisions. By clarifying your core values, intentions and aspirations, you’ll reach clarity and become related to your own mind heart, deepening your understanding of yourself and allowing you to respond to life from a better perspective.

Feeling a sense of empowerment & agency

With a clearer mind and defined intentions, you’ll be able to make skillful decisions from a place of empowerment. Leaning on the tools we learn (and you’ll practice ) within our sessions - from helping you stay grounded, to self-soothing, to learning how to bring up resilience when you most need it - you’ll have new ways of looking at the changes and choices ahead, to align your inner and outer life to what truly matters to you – all with a skillful ally by your side.

Accessing your authentic self

When you live from a place of authenticity and genuineness, a powerful and liberating shift happens. Instead of looking at who you "should" be and who your persona says you “ought” to be, you make decisions that are anchored with what really matters, and your inner and outer life align. Together on this path, we come to what we call ‘wholeness’, where we’ll connect all the diverse parts of you. It’s from here (this place of authenticity, alignment and wholeness), we have continuity - this felt sense of presence in the moment-to-moment flow of your daily life.

Go from

  • Struggling to make important life decisions

  • Feeling conflicted about aspects of your personal and professional life

  • Burdened by stress, pressure, and responsibilities

  • Paralyzed by a life event that you didn’t see coming

  • Feeling lost and wondering what you’re doing and why

  • Uncertain about the direction you’re headed in

  • Edging towards burnout territory


  • Gaining clarity and decisiveness

  • Restoring a sense of inner calm

  • Finding joy and well-being in your life

  • Tapping into inner strength, moving forward with intention

  • Renewing your enthusiasm for work and life

  • Prioritizing your goals and developing strategies for achieving them

  • Increasing your capacity to self renew

Transforming lives for 35 years (and counting!)

As Life Balance Strategists, we bring our personal experiences and individualistic approach to each session. What connects us all are the foundational values and skills taught by our founder, wise teacher, and Lead Strategist Phillip Moffitt.

His multi-faceted body of work (drawing on a range of principles from ancient wisdom practices to the social science of the stages of adult development) has been put to the test for 35+ years, helping thousands of people address their reality, gain profound clarity, and ultimately live life in balance. 

By channeling these unparalleled insights and effective techniques, we will help you skillfully navigate change and empower you on your path to well-being.

Start your Life Balance journey today

Step 1

Send us a message

Get in touch by selecting the ‘1:1 strategy sessions’ from the dropdown list to start the conversation.

Step 2

Meet your Strategist

After completing a short questionnaire, you’ll be partnered with a Strategist. Most start with an introductory 90-120 minute session, which can be done in-person or virtually.

Step 3

Your path to well-being

Guided by your ‘presenting question’, your Strategist will outline a bespoke plan catering to your needs, budget and commitments. A usual package includes a minimum of 4 sessions and starts at $250 per hour.

Sessions in your words

"It wasn’t until doing the sessions that I found a path to increased sustainable wellbeing."

Stan Leopard

CEO and Strategist, Joseki Inc

"After just two sessions, my eyes were opened. This process brought clarity and understanding to what would bring me the peace I was seeking and practical ways to get there."

Michael Hornibrook

CEO, Precoa

“The sessions are a critical part of forging a nontraditional path for happiness and success”

Bill Duane

Superintendent of Well-being, Google

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