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Navigating change, no matter what it is, isn’t easy. But, you don’t have to do it alone.

With our support and guidance, you can start unpacking what’s on your mind and feel empowered to start taking action.

During our introductory conversation, you’ll explore:

  • How Life Balance supports your journey through change

  • The changes and transitions you’re facing

  • Tools and resources to begin your Life Balance practice

Come with questions. Leave with clarity.

“I can now cut through the clutter and get directly to the core issues in my life; seeing them clearly and then setting goals and timelines. Life Balance sessions were the catalyst to dramatically transforming my life – with confidence and certainty.”

Alexandra Morehouse
Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health

“It wasn’t until doing the sessions that I found a path to increased sustainable wellbeing. I’ve learned to generate my wellbeing as I live my life, and I know how to recover myself when I’m knocked off balance by life’s unavoidable pain.”

Stan Leopard
CEO and Strategist, Joseki Inc.

“I attended [a Life Balance event] at a time of incredible personal upheaval: divorce, career change, and family illness. The workshop helped reveal what was already within me and accelerated my journey towards my best self.”

Glen Hunt
Business Consultant