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A unique approach to mindfulness, well-being and navigating change

“The only thing constant in life is change” - Heraclitus

Change is inevitable. Yet, we often resist, fear, or turn away from it.

Not forgetting the impact of changes that happen to us. Those unexpected twists and turns that we didn’t see coming.

But, we believe that change -  when it’s assessed strategically and navigated through your most present, mindful state - can be a totally different experience.

One that allows you to identify opportunities and possibilities. To connect with yourself on a deeper level, by staying true to your core values. And experience wholeness, authenticity, and harmonious balance with every movement along the journey of change.

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It’s not always easy, or even seemingly productive at times, to choose to live a mindful, conscious, and intentional life. In the end though, we discover there is a much deeper connection to life just waiting for us to finally notice its presence and open our minds and hearts to receive what it offers.

Phillip Moffitt

Founder, Life Balance Institute

Our origins

Everything we teach in our sessions, practice in our programs and explore in our workshops, is a continuation of our Founder Phillip Moffitt’s visionary approach to change, well-being, and mindfulness in daily life. Life Balance Institute was born out of a culmination of his life’s work (35+ years), unique approach to mindful living and leadership, and life-long interest in understanding the dynamics of change in people’s lives. While we follow time-tested protocols, our focus isn’t on theory. But, on meaning - inspiring others to practice having a life more meaningful and in balance.

At a glance: Phillip Moffitt’s journey

At age 40, at the helm of a flourishing media empire (editor-in-chief, owner and CEO of Esquire Magazine), he shocked the publishing world by walking away from it all. Why? To explore inner life.

After years of conscious consideration, I abandoned the media world and focused my time and attention on one question: what constitutes the underlying ground of meaning in a person’s life?”

Immersing himself in mindfulness meditation, Theravada Buddhism, Jungian psychology, and various mind-body healing techniques, he transitioned from a major life change by integrating his learnings and lived experiences, inadvertently developing the founding principles of Life Balance Institute.

Fast-forward to today, and his unique strategies, mindfulness practices, and protocols, continue to empower us – a growing community of Life Balance Strategists – to live consciously, with alignment, regardless of conditions.

Ready to embark on your exploration?

Portrait photo of Phillip Moffitt
Cover of Esquire magazine with a portrait of Phillip Moffitt

Our offerings

From solo sessions to group retreats and leadership programs, we can support you in multiple ways.

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Starting with a deep-dive exploration of your ‘presenting question’ (the thing that’s keeping you awake at night) you’ll gain clarity, transformative realizations and a bespoke plan of action with the guidance you need to implement your next steps with confidence and decisiveness.

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Workshops & events

Join as at a retreat, weekend workshop or event, and accelerate your path to well-being.

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Team & Leadership Programs

Develop your capacity for what we call "sustainable leadership" and rethink the way you do business. Cultivate a culture of effective communication, compassion, collaboration and engagement within your team, leading from a place of renewed purpose and mindful direction.

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You say:

“The workshop helped reveal what was already within me and accelerated my journey towards my best self.”

Glent Hunt

Business Consultant, Changes & Transitions Workshop Attendee

“The training has given me deep insights into my own challenges and reframed difficult past experiences in a manner that’s empowering. Using my own growth as an example, I am able to help clients appreciate that they can live fully and with intention in whatever life change or transition they find themselves.”

Sarah Armstrong

Attorney & Life Balance Strategist

“I found a path back to living a purposeful life. Through mindfulness, quiet, and deep exploration, I’ve shaped a life of my choosing.”

Leyla Seka

attended 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Erin Selover 

“Our work together has helped me take a step back in order to move ahead. Through gentle questioning and encouraging me to pause and reflect on my values, our process helped me make a career more. I’m now in a position where I feel more authentic and congruent with who I am.”


attended 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Patricia Johnson

“ When my marriage was on the rocks and I needed to transition out of my work situation, the sessions were vital in helping me remember my deepest priorities and to act from that place, deliberately and with as much integrity as I could muster. I’m now enjoying the fruits of our work together.”

Amanda Bilecki

attended 1:1 Strategy Sessions with Jennifer Ward

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Our Mission: Skillful Living & Life Balance

The undercurrent flowing through our offerings and teachings, is empowering every person to master the art of ‘Skillful Living’. 

To us, Skillful Living is the ability to stay centered in all aspects of your life. 

When you’re living skillfully, you don’t get caught in reactive mind states and are not defined by them; therefore, you have more clarity and choice in your life.

Skillful living starts with the cultivation of mindfulness — the ability to be present in the moment, to recognize what’s true in the moment, and to notice how it’s affecting both your body and your emotions.

Life Balance empowers you to respond from your intentions to whatever is happening rather than react from your emotions.

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