Empowering you
no matter where life’s journey takes you

Navigate the path to well-being, alignment and inner calm, with a skillful and supportive Strategist by your side

Life can be hectic. Unpredictable. Turbulent, at times.

And with the modern world fighting for your constant attention, pulling you in multiple directions, it’s not easy finding the right balance.

Not a work-life balance. Or a family-life balance.

But, the capacity to have inner balance even when outer circumstances are chaotic or beyond our control.

We are a community of Strategists, helping you unearth, examine, and clarify what really matters to you. Setting your core values, intentions, and aspirations, in line with who you really are.

Walking with you side-by-side, as your ally, along the path to greater well-being.

Find balance in your life

From solo sessions to group retreats and sustainable leadership programs, we can support you in multiple ways.

1:1 Strategy Sessions

For individuals seeking life balance & support navigating changes and transitions

Starting with a deep-dive exploration of your ‘presenting question’ (the thing that’s keeping you awake at night) you’ll gain clarity, transformative realizations and a bespoke plan of action with the guidance you need to implement your next steps with confidence and decisiveness.

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Team & Leadership Programs

For leaders & organizations seeking personal and professional growth

Develop your capacity for what we call "sustainable leadership" and rethink the way you do business. Cultivate a culture of effective communication, compassion, collaboration and engagement within your team, leading from a place of renewed purpose and mindful direction.

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Life Balance sessions were the catalyst to dramatically transforming my life.

Alexandra Morehouse

Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health

workshops & events

Join us in-person or virtually, with an open mind and heart. Leave with new discoveries, insights and reflections that can be channeled immediately into your everyday life.

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Kind words about our process

“I’ve learned to generate my wellbeing as I live my life, and I know how to recover myself when I’m knocked off balance by life’s unavoidable pain.”

Stan Leopard

CEO and Strategist, Joseki Inc

“A critical part of forging a nontraditional path for happiness and success”

Bill Duane

Superintendent of Wellbeing, Google

“I wholeheartedly recommend to any team wanting to truly deepen and broaden their effectiveness and sustainability throughout their organization and in the world.”

Michelle Latvala

Executive Director, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

 “I came away with a greater understanding, awareness and respect for my own change process and the importance of transitions as we grow and evolve.”

Deb Wetherby

CEO, Wetherby Asset Management

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