Terry Volbert

Boise, ID

Terry Volbert brings a wide range of personal and professional life experiences and skills to his work with his clients.

Terry has over 30 years as a Sr. Executive within one of the world’s largest media corporations, providing effective short and long range strategies for his clients, facilitating negotiation conflicts, and mentoring and coaching those at all career levels and stages.

Terry combines his Change and Transition Strategist training with his professional and personal experiences to create a custom holistic approach for each individual and their specific needs.

It is through this process where we gain deeper clarity of that which is ultimately of great value to you and helps unlock the unique “imaginative possibilities” within each of us. This provides the foundation to create the confidence and strategic roadmap required to overcome the current challenge, and transition into a life of greater growth, satisfaction, and well-being. 

Field of focus

  • Media & creatives
  • Leaders & Professionals


  • Certified Change & Transition Strategist
  • SR Executive in IHeart Media Corporation
  • ICF trained Executive Coach
  • Mediation Facilitator
  • Certified Natural Health Professional

Terry’s sincere questions, insights, and measured coaching helped prioritize things that are important to me.  I find myself more confident about where I am, the options available to me, and a clear plan going forward. Thank you Terry. I truly value the experience and have encouraged others to connect with him as well.  

Kevin K, Sr Media and Entertainment Executive