Sharon Hainsfurther

Washington, DC

The most important thing to know about working together is that I’ll meet you with unconditional friendliness as a partner on your journey. 

For more than 30 years, I’ve supported the change process with individuals, organizations and countries. Clients range from CEOs to countries like Iraq to young urban leaders to individuals focused on a personal inner or outer change.

I’m a longtime practitioner of several martial arts with a 3rd degree (Sandan) black belt in Aikido. These disciplines inform my coaching and facilitation approach.

In addition to Change and Transition Strategist training, I'm a deeply experienced somatic and ontological coach and certified in a variety of self-assessment, 360 and organizational change readiness instruments. 

We can draw flexibility from these domains to explore the nature of the shifts you may make in your life or in your organization - going deep, wide or straight ahead as the journey takes us.

Field of focus

Holding the space for individuals and groups to grow and make choices gives me the opportunity to express the values of kindness, learning and making a difference.


  • Change and Transition Strategist
  • Ontological (Newfield Network) and Somatic (Strozzi) Coaching
  • William Bridges Transitions, Immunity to Change, Psychological Safety and many assessments and other methodologies