Ralph Doyle


I studied mathematics and subsequently worked in the technology sector for 15 years. I began practicing yoga in my thirties and spent two years training as a yoga teacher. Around the same time, I left the technology space to work with my wife in her new business, which we have owned and run together for twenty years now. I became interested in Change and Transition Strategy as a path to increased well-being while working as a client of Phillip Moffitt, and when the opportunity arose, I trained as a Life Balance Strategist.

Field of focus

  • Work-life balance
  • People working in the technology space
  • Business owners


  • Certified Life Balance Strategist
  • BA Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin
  • Certified Satyananda Yoga teacher
  • 20 years experience of yoga and mindfulness practice
  • 15 years in technology
  • 18 years as a business owner

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and been surprised that something so beneficial to me could also be so enjoyable and so much fun. I describe the process of going from A to A' and feeling very different (in a good way) to how I started but also feeling substantially exactly the same, but now with a bit of additional 'wiggle room' in terms of my reactions."

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