Laura Denissen

Erin, Wisconsin

Laura Denissen was born and raised in the Midwest, and after a few career moves across country, calls south-eastern Wisconsin home. Having navigated a 25-year career in advertising, marketing and business consulting (predominantly in motorcycling and agriculture industries), she found herself gravitating towards people development and the desire to skillfully balance individual core values with the midwestern mentality of productivity. 

Laura grew up with horses, is a wildlife volunteer and feels a deep connection to nature and animals which she uses as a grounding element in her work. She’s currently working to integrate equine models of behavior and leadership into her Meaningful Change practice. 

She sees clients by video-conference, offsite as requested, and eventually at her 55-acre farm where she intends to integrate her offering with nature walks, group sessions, and other self-reflective and movement modalities.

Field of focus

Identifying and aligning values-based goals and strategies, honing boundaries with compassion, and embracing change and advancement.


  • BA in Journalism (UW-Wisconsin)
  • Masters of Leadership Studies and Dispute Resolution Certificate (Marquette University)
  • Certified Change and Transition Strategist
  • Adjunct professor of Consumer Behavior and Advertising
  • HeartMath® student

Laura provides a refreshing approach with impact. She allows for necessary pauses to internalize change, and helped me stay focused on my goals and the gaps without task-mongering. The result has been a long-lasting transition to a greater sense of peace despite the turmoil that daily life brings

Paula, Milwaukee, WI – Brand Strategy and Marketing