Jacqueline McKechnie

Bay Area, CA

Jackie is a trained Change and Transition Strategist. Through deep inquiry, mindfulness concepts, and practical strategizing, Jackie helps keep her clients stay on a skillful path as they navigate their journey of change, helping them grow, build their confidence and emerge from their situation with an enhanced sense of well-being and authenticity.

Field of focus

For over 20 years, I've focused on the singular notion that my true desire is to live a deliberate and well-intentioned life. I learned early that money, success, and ‘stuff’ wouldn’t create a meaningful life for me.  But navigating a journey towards greater inner peace and well-being comes by overcoming one change after another.  Learning to use our clear personal intentions and develop mindfulness techniques that allow us to face each of our changes and transitions with a sense of choice and dignity can be developed.  I offer myself as a guide, partner, and co-creator and I am honored to be sharing part of your journey.


  •  Co-founded and CEO for iCarol, a software company that supported Crisis and Suicide prevention helplines around the world
  • Background in Engineering, Marketing, and Sales with Fortune 50 Technology company, Intel, holding executive positions in the US, Canada, and Europe
  • Change & Transition Strategist
  • 200-hour Yoga-Dharma certified
  • Life Coach certified