Fred T. Krawchuk

Longmont, Colorado

An energetic thought leader on managing complexity, Fred Krawchuk is admired for cutting-edge strategic planning and peacemaking initiatives around the world. Today, Fred draws on his 30 years of military, business, and academic experience and provides Change & Transition Strategy sessions that are highly relevant to improving strategic thinking, strengthening results through collaboration, and developing resilient clients who will thrive in today’s fast-paced global environment.

Fred has earned the reputation as an accomplished facilitator known for deep listening, building trust, and designing innovative approaches to tough challenges. Fred guides clients on how to discover their priorities, align action, and successfully manage change and transition, whether personal or professional. As a result, they find their true north, articulate a clear purpose, and unify behind an action plan that best prepares them for

Field of focus

  • Leaders & Professionals
  • Systemic innovation


  • Certified Change & Transition Strategist
  • Extensive experience in mindfulness, peak performance, and negotiations
  • Graduate of West Point, IESE, and Harvard
  • Former Army Colonel
  • Olmsted Scholar, and Marshall Fellow

Fred is the real deal. Warrior, scholar, leader -the works. He turns complex problems into elegant solutions, he's a "fixer" –no doubt, he can handle the toughest challenges.


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